The short answer is much more than just money.       

On a weekly basis, I talk with people who have had a loved one die and want to know what to do. Sometimes, these people are upset, sometimes they are confused, but one thing always seems to hold true – these people want to know what they may receive from the Estate.  The answer varies based on the facts of each individual case, and that answer often leads to another question- should I fight to get more?  Here is where the rubber meets the road so to speak.  This simple question is like an onion, with each answer another layer, that is another question arises.  So, what are the true costs of fighting about the distribution of an Estate? 


  1. Emotional Capital. Especially in these uncertain times, emotional and mental capital is at a premium; you have weigh whether an intense fight with your family is worth expending this emotional and mental capital.
  2. Time: We only have so much of it. You will have to decide whether a one, two, or even five-year fight is worth what you may gain in the end. 
  3. Money: I often say to my clients that the only parties that benefit from fighting over the distribution of an estate are the attorneys; and, while that is an over simplification of the process, you have to remember that all of the attorneys’ fees and costs are ultimately reducing your overall potential inheritance – that doesn’t mean it may not be worth pursuing, but it is a factor you need to consider. 


Please notice that I listed money as the last factor for you to consider.  Over the years, I have seen my clients make their cases all about money, but at the end of almost every case the clients express to me the relief they feel – they got their lives back.  That is why it is so important that you consider the value of your emotional capital and time before engaging in a fight over your inheritance.  If you want to explore your options regarding an estate dispute, Goosmann Law Firm is here to guide you through every step of the process, even if it means you decide not to fight.  We want to provide you with the guidance, so that you can focus on what’s Worth It!


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