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You may have seen our Goosmann Law Firm "Goose" in action at our events and even occasionally traveling with us! Our goose has been such a hit, but when asked what our Goose's name is... we don't have one!  So, this is where we need your help coming up with a fun, creative, and fitting name for our firm mascot!  

If you're thinking to yourself, "This is really strange that a law firm has a goose mascot and is wanting a name for it..." - you are correct, this is strange, but hey - it's fun!  I mean, how can the Goosmann Law Firm not have a goose?!  And, how can a goose not have a name?!

Disclaimer: This goose is not a real-life living breathing creature and was not harmed in transport. Although it looks like a real goose it is entirely made of plastic and can be conveniently disassembled for easy packing, hunting trips, or used as a therapy pet and it can be quite the conversation starter. 

Submit your name idea using the form below.  No pressure, this is all in good fun - but, if we choose your winning name you might have your picture taken with the goose. 


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