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The headline making BPI and ABC "Pink Slime" defamation case was estimated to last about eight weeks, but ultimately settled in nearly four.
Jeana Goosmann stated, "Most cases... they do tend to settle, it's just a matter of at what point you settle out of the case. 

The agreement relays, "Plaintiffs' claims against Defendants American Broadcasting Companies Inc. and Jim Avila shall be dismissed with prejudice..." With the settlement ultimately being finalized by signatures on agreement documents. The trial began with opening statements on June 5.

"Once you dismiss a case with prejudice, the case is completely over and you can't bring the claims ever again," said Goosmann.

Goosmann says the agreement documents the Union County Courthouse released are bare bones; standard in a high-profile case with a large sum of money on the line. 

"We'll never know what the exact terms are and there's really no way to find out, because it's between private parties and they've agreed to keep it confidential. It is most likely that both sides most likely lost time and money going forward with the trial, but sometimes it's worth going the distance and applying pressure across the aisle," said Goosmann.

"It's a way to mitigate the risk on both sides," said Goosmann. "So, waiting for the jury to make the decision is always one of the riskier moves, because you're putting your fate in the hands of the jury, versus if the parties come to an agreement on what the terms should be, you have some input and control into that."

Goosmann says the monetary value and other details in the agreement won't be released, unless both parties choose to do so.

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