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Dude, Where’d All The Money Go?

Posted by E.M. Lally on Mar 30, 2017 10:23:37 AM


Last night you had $80 dollars in your wallet, but this morning, you only have five. Where’d all your money go? Unfortunately, this question comes up in other situations as well, especially business-related ones. Here are three reasons your business’s money may be missing.

First, someone may have made an accounting error. Review all financial documents and ensure their accuracy.

Second, fraud may have occurred. Identify everyone who has access to the business’ financial information, including outside consultants and accountants.

Third, the company may not have adequately budgeted. Review expenditures to see if they are in line with the company’s budgeting procedures. Update these procedures if necessary.

No one wants to find themselves wondering where all of their money went. Talk to an attorney today to help you track down your business’ missing money.

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