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“We’re not telling anyone what they should eat,” the German environment ministry said in a statement. “But we want to set a good example for climate protection, because vegetarian food is more climate-friendly than meat and fish.”

European media outlets are reporting that the head of Germany’s environmental agency has directed the department to serve only vegetarian dishes at official functions.  It is reported the agency believes it has a responsibility to combat the “negative effects of meat consumption” and must “set an example.” Ironically, the meat ban does not extend to the agency’s own cafeteria, which continues to offer meat options with every meal.

Environmental Minister Barbara Hendricks has claimed that eating meat is damaging to the environment.

Meanwhile, Christian Schmidt, an agency official from a rival political party, was quoted as saying, “I believe in diversity and freedom of choice, not nanny-statism and ideology. Meat and fish are also part of a balanced diet.”

This German example may be described as a lightening rod for debate over the role of the government in citizens’ lives.  And remember Kevin Kostner's famous line in the movie "Message in a Bottle" when he asked his love-to-be over for dinner, "Do ya eat meat?"   The German government's answer appears to be "no!"  What is America’s answer?

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