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Why Keeping a Clean Desk is a Good Idea

Posted by Marie Ruettgers on Nov 23, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Why Keeping a Clean Desk is a Good Idea 

When keeping information safe, do you consider what you have piled up on your desk?   In most cases a visual hacker is able to find sensitive information 9 out of 10 times walking through an office. They look for information on your desk, screen, and other locations, and then use their smart phone to take pictures of the confidential information.

As it turns out, unprotected devices provided the most information. Often it was only employee login credentials, but that is all a hacker needs. Once a hacker has a piece of valuable information they can unlock a large-scale data breach.

How can a company prevent visaul hacking?

Here is a checklist of procedures that safeguard against visual hacking:

  • Keep workspace tidy with all materials organized;
  • Encourage digitized documents so there is less paper clutter;
  • Keep file cabinets containing sensitive data closed and locked;
  • Lock laptops and tablets, and use password protected screen savers;
  • Don’t leave post-it notes containing passwords and other confidential information at work area and computer;
  • Clear all printer and fax machines of paper as soon as they’re printed;
  • Place documents that are no longer needed into locked consoles for secure shredding.

Data breaches and cybercrimes are big concerns especially when your business is handing private consumer information whether you are a bank, finance company, credit card processor, or health care provider.

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