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Arbitrating Construction Disputes – How do I Keep the Costs Down?

Posted by Anthony Osborn on May 7, 2015 4:40:39 PM

Arbitrating a Construction dispute - How do I Keep the Costs Down?

Construction disputes are different than other types of disagreements. They typically involve more documents, facts, and technical issues than other business disputes. In fact, I have worked on a large number of construction lawsuits that involved so many documents the parties agreed to have third parties act as “document depositories,” maintaining all of the parties’ documents in a centralized location for inspection and copying by all parties at their leisure. Due to the fact-intensive and document-heavy nature of construction disputes, they can be costly to resolve (whether through a court trial or arbitration). However, there are many ways to reduce the costs. I came across an American Arbitration Association webinar which includes advice from another ABA Forum on the Construction Industry member, Adrian Bastianelli. The webinar discusses various issues that can help parties reduce their costs in a construction arbitration. The webinar can be found HERE (webinar has since been removed).

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