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5 Practices That All Sioux City Contractors Should Review When Requesting Additional Compensation

Posted by Anthony Osborn on Nov 17, 2015 11:29:33 AM


When it comes to developing request for additional compensation, Sioux City contractors should follow these 5 practices, whether it be bid protests, accidents on the job site, or filing for a claim.

1. Identify the best person to manage the team.

You need to select someone who is responsible, has a detailed knowledge of the facts, is objective, can provide the proper legal framework for the claim, and has time.

2. Identify issues and establish a roadmap.

The roadmap should include cost reports, job costs, and bids

3. Review the contract terms.

As the claim is developed, the contract documents need to be reviewed. You should look over the changes, differing site conditions, delays, disputes, and schedule.

4. Review the contractor’s plan of work.

Talk about the anticipated means and methods with the estimator/project engineer, review crew sizes and anticipate crew movements, analyze productivity, identify equipment and expected time to complete the project.

5. Review changes ordered and correspondence.

Focus on what has been documented, to make sure all costs and time add up.

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